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Amanda Steidle

Creator of Healthy Mums and a Master Fitness Trainer


I am a mum of two young children, Zoe and Leo, and the creator of Healthy Mums.

I was born in Malta and migrated to Australia with my parents and six siblings at the age of 10.  Growing up, I showed a keen interest in music and sport, representing my school in many sports, as well as being selected to play in national and state teams. From a young age I was keen to help others, and from the age of 15 I started writing exercise programs for family and friends.

This desire to help others achieve their goals has stuck with me, and in 2006 I became a qualified Master Trainer. In 2010, I worked as a personal trainer on the SBS TV series House of Food Obsessives. This was a fantastic experience as it opened my eyes to the holistic approach which is needed to tackle a variety of health issues.

Combined with my love of food and cooking, Healthy Mums has been a great way for me to bring together my professional and personal experience, passion and desire to help others. Healthy Mums was once a dream for me, but with the help of my husband, Adrian, that dream has become a reality. 

I love hearing the positive impact this program has on mums and their families and am available to support members on the forum, facebook page and via email.  I hope you enjoy my program.

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Anne Hubbard

Emotional Intelligence Parenting Coach

Anne Hubbard

I was instantly inspired by Anne when I first met her in 2011. She was hosting a Tuning into KidsTM program, which I attended to improve my parenting skills. As a qualified and gifted personal coach, she has a unique ability to give excellent advice, in a personable and effective way.

She has helped children and adults, individually and in groups, develop their emotional intelligence and overcome issues such as procrastination, self-esteem, emotions, relationships, career direction and assertiveness.

When I was creating the Healthy Mums program, Anne was someone who I was very keen to involve. Fortunately, she was also very enthusiastic about getting involved with Healthy Mums.

Throughout the program, Anne provides helpful insights and support via the members’ only forum. She is also available for private coaching sessions.

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Phone:  +61 (0) 403 537 638

Rebecca Pattinson

Naturopath and Nutritionist


I only recently met Rebecca and it was immediately clear that her whole approach to health was a really good match with our Healthy Mums approach.  So it makes me really happy that Rebecca has decided to join our team of experts. 

Rebecca is a nutritionist and a naturopath who juggles motherhood, teaching at Endeavour College of Natural Health and running a practice. She is uniquely placed to understand the demand on mothers and feels the key to health is the balance between mind, body and spirit. Being a mum of two girls, she has practical experience and knowledge that helps her understand the pressures of being a mum and living a busy life and is able to assist mums to reach their wellness goals and unlock the barriers to maintaining good health.  One of the really interesting areas she also works with is flower essences and will share some of this knowledge in the program.

Rebecca believes people should eat real, whole-foods and this starts in her own home.  She is passionate about growing her own organic veggies and even has a few chooks!  She is excited to be working with the Healthy Mums team and loves that our philosophy follows her own;  good food, good health.

Rebecca will be supporting our program members through the members-forum, will occasionally write on our blog and is also available for individual naturopathy appointments.

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Bridget  Pennington (Bee)

Wellness Mentor

Bridget Pennington

Have you ever received a phone call from someone you don’t know and felt like you’ve known them forever after a chat?  That is how I met Bridget Pennington (Bee).  Bee called me one day to express her support for Healthy Mums and what we are doing.  After meeting up with Bee face-to-face, I knew she would be perfect as part of the Heatlhy Mums team, and she was delighted to come on board.

Five years ago, when her daughter was three years old, Bee decided she wanted to study and chose to study nutrition. To that point in her life she had almost ignored her body and its calls for help. It's easy to do when the symptoms ebb and flow - when pain goes away we forget about it. But studying the body, how it works, and what fuels it totally changed her life. There have been several pivotal moments in her life. One was giving birth to the most gorgeous little girl. Another was (finally) getting her coeliac diagnosis, and yet another was becoming absorbed in the health and wellbeing space.

Happy Gluten Free kidsHer health and wellbeing 'journey' recently saw her first book published. Happy Gluten-Free Kids is a gentle guide for parents to give them the tools to happily and safely raise a gluten-free child. Bee also owned and ran Be Gluten Free, a consulting service targeted specifically to the gluten free market, and most recently Bee has undertaken holistic lifestyle coaching studies. While gluten (and more to the point gluten-free) is her passion zone, it nestles up beautifully with her overall desire to help people overcome illness and regain their best health. As The Wellness Mentor, Bee feels privileged to guide those with ongoing illness and coach them as they introduce holistic practices to improve their health, recovery and treatment results.

Bee knows, and has felt the pain of an undiagnosed condition. Having answers that are grounded in logic, nature and healthy practices means that managing her condition is a positive experience. She believes that great health is a right, not a privilege.

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Phone:  +61 (0) 421 559 841

Linda Morrison

Mind and Body Coach

Linda Morrison

After having my first child, I suffered from post natal depression and through my local playgroup I found a post natal depression walking group for mums. It was there that Linda Morrison was first recommended to me in line with my work and now, 3 years later, we have finally connected through Healthy Mums.

Linda has come on board as our Mind and Body Coach and we love her spark and enthusiasm for life.

Linda is mum of 2 kids herself and is an expert on improving posture and body confidence and specialises in fitness for mums after having a baby.

Linda will be doing live chats, motivating mums to get active, posting on Facebook and will be sharing instructional exercise videos for members. I look forward to you all getting to know her.

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