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I’m Amanda. I’m the mum of two beautiful kids and the creator of Healthy Mums. Welcome to the program.

Let me tell you a bit about how Healthy Mums began. It all started after I had my first child.

Like many women, I really struggled to lose my baby weight. You see, I had a really difficult pregnancy. From about 12 weeks onwards I had to spend much of my time lying down. As you can imagine, after 6 months of being very inactive I put on lots of extra weight – about 30kgs all up – and I was really out of shape.

I had always been a fit and active person. I was a personal trainer and I played high level sport. So I assumed that after I had my baby, I’d just do all of the things I used to and get back into shape.
But it didn’t work that way.
I struggled to find the time to exercise, and when I did find the time, I was too tired to get out and do it.
On top of that, I lost much of my strength. I was also carrying around a lot of extra weight, so when I did exercise, I kept getting injured. This made me feel even worse. So, 18 months after giving birth, I was still carrying an extra 12kgs – and I just couldn’t shift it.

I realised that exercise just wasn’t going to work. In order to get my old self back, something had to change. So that’s when I started looking at the food I ate.

It took me a while to work out which foods I needed to eat in order to shed the extra kilos, but when I did, my weight started to drop quite quickly. I lost 12kgs in just 3 months! I started feeling great and my overall health improved out of sight.

It worked so well, in fact, that other people started to notice and comment. They were eager to know what I was doing and whether I could help them, too.

I started writing little programs for my friends and they started seeing results as well – it has been truly amazing.

Even those who tried all of the other weight-loss methods and failed, were seeing results from my program. It even worked for my husband! He lost over 10kgs, just by eating the right food, at the right time and in the right way. Now he’s much happier and active again.

After a few years of refining the program, and watching it work again following my second pregnancy, Healthy Mums covers all the things a mum needs to reclaim her body and her energy.

Mums have a huge influence over the health of their entire family, so it’s important to set a good example and create healthy habits at home.

I’m delighted to be able to teach you everything you need to know about becoming a Healthy Mum, while supporting you on your journey to a long and happy family life.

Your healthy friend,


Before and after my healthy lifestyle change

Before and after my healthy lifestyle change

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