Success Stories

Getting great feedback about the program from members and hearing about how successful they've been in reaching their goals can be really inspiring. So we want to share them with the community.  

Read on for just a few of the stories from some of our current members and past pilot program members.

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Emily - mum of 2

Your program is realistic, informative, and life-changing.  Every day I looked forward to the emails full of information, personal stories and tasty recipes. It kept me motivated and focused and helped me tackle my real food demons.  To date I have lost 11 kg and feel fantastic!

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Helen - mum of CJ

Not only has my physical health improved but so too has my emotional health. I feel more energetic & able to be the Mum that CJ not only needs but deserves! 

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Georgina - mum of 2

I absolutely loved the food focus rather than lots of exercise. The recipes are just delicious and ideas and information provided daily was just so easy to incorporate in our lives.

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Belinda - pregnant during program

I was really inspired by your program... Great work Amanda, your program changes lives for the better!!

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Sandra - Greenvale, Victoria

Receiving inspirational quotes - convincing me to stick with it - were a great touch. Sometimes I would print it out just to have sitting at my computer screen as I type away.

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Janette - mum of 2

I found the daily emails motivated and empowered me for a busy day ahead ...

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mumma_shez (March 2013 Program)

Your program encourages small daily changes. This makes it realistic and achievable for everyone. There is no such thing as a quick fix or overnight change. I love that the program empowers me to be responsible for this change myself. It feels very rewarding because I'm taking control :)

Thanks for your brilliant program Amanda!

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mum2one (April 2013 Program)

We enjoy our food and I want to continue to do so. I don't feel restricted with Healthy Mums, I feel I am understanding the nutritional benefits of foods more and I don't feel restricted. I am eating well cause I WANT to, not because I feel I have to. I want to be a healthy Mum and with this program I am learning how to be.

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lclark01 (March 2013 Program)

I think this program is fantastic - I'm learning a lot and really enjoying it.

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Adrian - husband to Amanda and father of two

As a Healthy Mums husband I have lost 14 kilograms, feel great and make better everyday food choices without even thinking about it. 

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