If you want to know more, please look through this list of commonly asked questions.

    Is Healthy Mums for me?

  • There are so many weight loss offerings, why is this for me?

    The Healthy Mums Program is all about empowering you to make the changes needed to improve the health and quality of your life and your families. There are a number of key differences:

    1. Healthy Mums is about gradual and lasting change over an extended time period that empowers you to make permanent changes. It’s not a ‘detox’ or ‘quick fix’ program that requires you to shock your body to get results, where as soon as the program finishes or you stop paying for a product, you put the weight straight back on and keep making the same mistakes.  
    2. Food is the core of the program, not exercise. 80% of our weight control is the food we eat, not the exercise we have to do to burn it off.  While we have an exercise component included towards the end of the program, it’s about exercising for total health, not for weight loss.  The right food in the right way at the right time takes care of your weight for you.
    3. Our Healthy Mums program is genuinely healthy.  We are not trying to sell you our own brand of shakes, pills or frozen meals and are not affiliated with a ‘commercial interest’.  This means we are free to only recommend things that are truly healthy and good for you and are not influenced by external parties.
    4. Our program is put together by a mum, for mums.  We know it works because we’ve proven it in the real world. It’s not put together in a laboratory.  Our focus is on mums and the challenges faced by mums every day.  We have specific topics on women’s health, nutrition for kids and dealing with family dynamics. 
    5. The Healthy Mums Program is for the whole family, not just the person doing the program.  As the program is information based, all the lessons can be shared with the family and any changes made by mum will usually flow on to the kids and partner.
    6. While there are guiding meal plans and recipes to follow, the program is focused on teaching and motivating you to make your own decisions.  When you know why and how things work, you can apply that knowledge in all parts of your own life and in all situations.

  • I'm breastfeeding, can I still do the program?

    Of course.  I have followed all the lessons in the program all through breastfeeding my second child Leo.  In fact, there are some specific topics about breastfeeding and I introduce some foods that help to stimulate or decrease breast milk production, depending on your situation.

  • What if I have diabetes or any other medical conditions?

    If you have any medical conditions, the advice of your doctor is the most important. Healthy Mums will show you how to be healthy through food and lifestyle changes and does not recommend stopping any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor first.

  • I'm looking to conceive, is the program still suitable?

    While it's not guaranteed, the body conceives more easily when it’s healthy.  I believe the lessons and practises I show you will help your body get ready for conception. 

  • I'm not a mum but I like your program, can I still join?

    Yes, but be aware that while the core of the program works for everyone, there are quite a few mum-specific topics that may not be applicable for you.  But you are still welcome to join if you believe that getting healthy is truly what you need.  My main aim is to help people get healthier by sharing my program.  

  • I'm pretty fussy about my food. Will I still be able to follow and benefit from doing the program?

    You will absolutely benefit, but some things will need to change.   If you are a ‘fussy eater’ and looking to lose weight and get healthier right now it’s most likely because you haven’t been making all the right food choices.  That means some things need to change.  The good news is that you’ll be supported through the Healthy Mums program and will be introduced to a whole range of different foods, which means you can always find things that you like.  You won’t have to eat every kind of fruit and vegetable, but a healthy diet requires a good balance of many different types of foods.  You need to think about the example you are setting for your kids too.  It’s likely that, like many others who have followed the program already, you will surprise yourself as you become more and more food adventurous as you go through the program.  Often it just takes one or two different ways to have things or simply trying something new and yummy to change your whole relationship with food. 

  • I'm vegan, vegetarian or have allergies. Will I still be able to follow and benefit?

    Yes. The program is flexible enough to allow for allergies, intolerances and eating preferences such as vegans or vegetarians.  Each individual needs to manage their own allergies or intolerances, but you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how food works with your body and you will find out about many new foods that you can have to get your required daily nutrients. 

  • My family doesn't eat well. Will the program help them too?

    I firmly believe that the mum is the hub of the family and that she has a huge influence over what the kids and partner does.  By teaching, rather than providing ready-made meals or shakes only for one person, the benefits of the Healthy Mums program extend to the entire family.  The kids will usually eat what is available, so make sure only good options are available.  They not only benefit from having good, healthy food put in front of them but they also absorb what’s going on through their biggest role models; their parents.  

    Many times I’ve also been told by mums that “I would like to eat better, but my husband won’t eat well.  He’ll complain and even make his own food”.  Experience has shown that it may take a few different approaches (a few weeks of them making their own meals, a few “toughen up princess” comments, or an honest heart-to-heart about why it’s important to you and the family), but eventually the husband comes around.  We even have specific articles on getting the kids and partner to eat well.  

    Program details

  • I can't afford to buy expensive healthy food. Will the ingredients in the Healthy Mums recipes stretch my budget?

    We understand how you feel. Buying organic and biodynamic foods and superfoods can really add up. To help make your Healthy Mums journey as inexpensive as possible, Amanda has spent hours comparing the prices of the foods included in the Healthy Mums program, so you know where to shop for the best price. For example, did you know you can save significant amounts on many organic produce itms by shopping at certain farmers markets, rather than shopping online or in stores?

  • Is the program written by a nutritionist?

    While not written by a nutritionist, the Healthy Mums program is written by a mum… for mums.  It is written based on Amanda’s own experience, is backed by hours upon hours of research and has been tested in the real world with pilot programs and with a practicing GP who has over 30 years’ experience.  It’s written so that it tells you enough to understand how things work and why they are good or bad for you, without being dry or too technical.

    We have also had a fully qualified nutritionist review all the program content and they have provided their professional endorsement to all our nutritional information.

  • Why does Healthy Mums go for so long?

    We found that to help people make lasting change to their lifestyle, the program needed to go for an extended period of time. This gives time for mums to make the changes, experiment, get support and develop a consistently healthier lifestyle for them and their families forever.

    Shorter programs rarely achieve permanent, lasting change.

  • What exactly do I get by joining Healthy Mums?

    When you join you will receive a Healthy Mums Welcome Pack in mail with lots of great stuff welcoming you onboard and you will receive a few emails preparing you prior to the program start.

    As a member you will receive access to the members’ section where you can see your articles, recipes, tools and the members’ forum where you can ask questions and be involved in discussions with other Healthy Mums.

    You will also receive emails each weekday from Healthy Mums with some information about the day’s topic and will be provided with a link back to the site and article. Throughout the program there will be tasks and challenges and occasionally there will be opportunities to get involved and win prizes.

    Once a Healthy Mum, always a Healthy Mum. You will gain lifetime access to the articles, recipes, forum and events that we run.   We want to grow a community of Healthy Mums in Australia and wish you to be an ongoing part of that journey.

  • How much contact will I have with Amanda?

    You will receive emails each weekday from Amanda which direct you to the members’ area on the site and the day’s article.  Amanda is regularly on the members-only forum and can answer questions and share her experience.  You can also email her directly if you have questions of a more personal nature.  Ultimately, the aim of the program is to help you get healthier and Amanda’s support is part of that.

  • Do you tell me exactly what to eat and give me a meal plan and recipes?

    While I don’t provide personalised meal plans, I share a few weeks of my own meals showing exactly what I eat throughout the week.  It includes everything I have.  Then it’s up to you to plan out your own meal plan using mine as an example but applying what you have learnt and adapting it to your own taste preferences and food availability.  If you are after personalised meal plans, our Official Healthy Mums Nutritionist (AJ) can help with these.  Visit her site here.

    You will be given indications about how much to have of each type of food, but you definitely won’t need to calorie count your days.  If calorie counting works for you though, you’ll be happy to hear that I also share a web-based calorie counting tool, but you don’t have to do it. 

  • When can I start?

    The program starts on the first Monday of each month. When you join you will be asked which program start date you wish to join. Be aware that there are limited spaces and inductions are closed at least a week before each program starts, so you need to book your spot early.   When you join you will be sent a Welcome Pack in the mail and a few emails preparing you before the program start.  

  • I want to do the program with others, can we join together?

    Absolutely.  Actually I encourage you to join with others. We have found that when people join and go through the program together they actively encourage and support each other and they get the added benefit of conversations starting about what works really well for each person.  It’s shown it’s good to do the program as a group, but it hasn’t stopped individual members achieving great results too.

    Results to expect

  • Can I really lose weight without needing to exercise?

    Definitely, provided that you are control your nutritional intake and eat in moderation. I have shown this after both my kids and countless others have shown it too.  Exercise can be a wonderful part of life, but it’s not needed for weight loss.  In fact it can be quite difficult and can cause damage to the body if trying to exercise when carrying extra kilos (your joints don’t like this).

    The best way to lose weight is by controlling the fuel we put into the body.  Our metabolism does a great job of burning calories already.  You’re best to let the metabolism do the weight loss work for you and when you’re at a good weight, get into the exercise, but do it for fun and general wellbeing, not at an intense level to lose weight.

  • How strictly do I need to follow the program?

    It is important to read the email every day and take on the tasks.  The program teaches you about food and shows you how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved by a mum and her family.  The rest is up to you, and the more disciplined you are, the better results you will see.

  • How much weight will I be able to lose?

    You will have complete control over this.  It is different for each person and also depends on your starting weight.  

    Generally we use the BMI scale as a guide to show you your ideal weight range and you will see your weight move towards it.  

    I will show you how to control your fuel intake so that you will be able to lose all your extra weight and get to, or very close to, your ideal BMI range. 

    This has worked for me, my husband and for many others who are on or been through our program. In a few cases members have lost over 15kgs through a gradual but controlled change to their diet and lifestyle.

  • How long until I see and feel my results?

    Within two weeks of following the program you should have more energy and begin to notice your body systems working more efficiently.  If you are using the weight control technique I detail, you should notice some weight change within 3 weeks and this should continue until you get close to your ideal BMI.  For those a long way from their ideal BMI, the weight loss may be quicker.

    Payment and Costs

  • What do I get for my money?

    When you join Healthy Mums, you get a welcome pack with goodies to help you on your journey, emails in your inbox directing you to our special articles every weekday for 30 weeks. The articles are specially designed to take you on a journey and they include information, recipes, tasks, challenges and expert advice.  You’ll also have access to the members-only forum where you can ask questions of our expert panel and share/chat with other Healthy Mums.  I am also available through the forum and via email to help support you. 

  • What are the payment options available?

    We want to have the program accessible to everyone and want to be flexible with our payment options, so the program is the cost of a coffee per day.

    Option1: One single upfront payment ($495)
    Option 2: Instalment payments ($90 every 30 days, totalling $540)

    Payment is made via PayPal.

  • Other approaches try to sell extra shakes and foods, are there any hidden extra costs?

    There are no hidden costs or extras with our program.  We are here to support you and help you get healthy for life, without needing to continually buy things from us.  In fact, we are currently working on ways to give you more value by approaching partners to provide members discounts and prizes on things we think are healthy and great.

  • What happens at the end of my program?

    Once a Healthy Mum, always a Healthy Mum. You will gain lifetime access to the articles, recipes, forum and events that we run.   We want to grow a community of Healthy Mums in Australia and wish you to be an ongoing part of that journey.

    Effort required

  • How much time and effort will it take to follow the program?

    To follow the basic program and absorb the lessons it will take less than 5 minutes each week day to read the articles.  There are also some tasks and challenges that will require an extra 15 minutes here and there. 

    If most of your meals currently consist of pre-packaged and/or takeaway foods, then you will also need to spend some extra time as you start to prepare your own fresh food for your daily meals.  With some persistence and planning you can turn this into a healthy lifestyle and never worry about weight gain again.  That means no need to spend hours in the gym trying to burn off the weight.  So if you currently try and control your weight with exercise, following the program will actually save you time and money!  Your weight control will be done with food and the focus of any exercise can turn to fun and overall wellbeing.

  • Is it hard to follow the Healthy Mums program?

    It does take commitment and a genuine focus to follow the program, keep at it and put your lessons into practise.  But your health and the long term health of your family is definitely worth it.  You will need to set yourself some goals that you absolutely want to achieve out of the program and then go for it! You’ll get all the support you need.  There will be changes you need to make and it will be different for each mum. But there is no doubt that this will start you on an ongoing journey of being healthy that you will love.  I have found that the lessons are just part of my life now and I keep learning more and more as I build on my base of knowledge every day. 

  • Can I still enjoy desserts, alcohol or my favourite foods?

    Absolutely.  I love my food and I want everyone to be able to also enjoy their favourite foods, guilt free! We have a saying in our household that by eating well most of the time, you can be bad some of the time.  So by keeping this in mind and applying it, you’ll still be able to enjoy your personal indulgences.  You just need to make sure it’s in moderation and that everything else you have is balanced and good.

  • Will I get hungry?

    Everyone gets hungry, but you won’t go hungry! When you get hungry you need to eat, making sure that you choose the right food, at the right time.  You’ll learn how to make those right decisions and will get loads of tips and ideas for healthy snacks you can have when you feel hungry.  

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