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Gluten Free Christmas Muffins

It's so close to Christmas and my almost three year old little boy is very excited about it all.  This morning he asked me to make him some muffins, and not just muffins he said to me, Christmas muffins (it was so cute).  I don't like to say no to cute requests so I created a new recipe for him.  They were a hit with the entire household.  Really easy to make using my Healthy Mums Gluten Free flour and perfect for the festive season with a touch of spice.

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Beef

It’s fair to say that if we are what we eat, then animals are what they eat too.  I feel it’s really important to know what our meat is made of, and this comes with knowing what the animal ate. 

Gluten Free Cheese and Bacon Rolls

Every time I walk past a Baker's Delight store, my daughter begs me for a cheese and bacon roll as she used to love these when she was younger (before I made my healthy lifestyle change and removed gluten from our diet).  So I decided I had to create a recipe to make them easily at home, and here it is.

Gluten Free Flour

It’s getting pretty easy to buy gluten free food and ingredients, but you still want to watch out for nasties and processed foods when doing so.  Just cause it’s gluten free, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  

Grounded Premium Tea Give Away

I love a cuppa, but I like it hot, so the best time for me to enjoy a nice pot of tea is after the kids are in bed.  I also believe in the therapeutic benefits of drinking tea so I’d love to give another Mum a chance to enjoy some ‘me’ time with this gift.

The Baby & Toddler Show Competition

We're really excited to be part of The Baby & Toddler Show this year for our first time.  We have teamed up with Toosh Coosh, Baby Bistro and Sustainababy to put together a massive competition prize for one lucky winner.

Raw Mulberry Cake

It's my son's birthday tomorrow so naturally I'm making him a cake, and naturally I want it to be as healthy as possible.  Here's a delicious, superfood loaded, gluten free and refined sugar free cake recipe with two different types of frosting to play around with.  It's probably more like a slice but if I say it's cake, then it's cake!

6 tips to avoid tears on the first day of school

How many emotional Mums do we have at the moment with their first born heading off to school this week?  I'm definitely one of them and my mix of emotions has taken me by surprise, so I'm guessing there's lots of mums out there feeling the same way.

A guide to cleaning your fridge

 New Yearsitis - the uncontrollable urge to clean and declutter every room and cupboard in the house.....that's what I have at the moment and to be honest, I'm absolutely loving the end result.  My fridge got attacked to day and for anyone who is not sure how to tackle the white (or stainless steel) monster, here's a step by step guide.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Christmas is such a wonderful time of family-togetherness, gift-giving and celebration.  I'd like to give everyone an opportunity to wake up to an absolutely delicious breakfast which is gluten free, sugar free and totally healthy.   

Christmas Giveaway 3

Meal times can be a challenge with young kids.  So with all the Christmas feasts going on, it's fitting that we look to Toosh Coosh for our 3rd Christmas Giveaway. 

Christmas Giveaway 2

Christmas time is a great time of year where many memories are made with the kids, family and friends.  So our second prize relates to helping capture these special memories.  

Christmas Giveaway 1

What I love most about Christmas is thinking about how excited the kids get when the open their presents.  I'm feeling really excited to give away prizes here too.  I feel like Mummy Claus!  

A Healthy Dad speaks out

After reading our feature article in the Business West Magazine, one of our Dads wrote in to congratulate us and to share what his journey has been like for his family with him and his wife doing the program.

Think Twice before you buy

Food shopping is so convenient these days, supermarkets are open all night and on weekends, and we rarely ever go without.  So we are a thriving society which is great, but the down side is that we have become a throw-away society. 

Q&A with Kreative Katt

I was introduced to Katt who is a mum running her own business as an interior designer creating beautiful spaces within the home.  Meeting clever, busy mums is so inspiring to me recently.  She keeps her creativity alive and I love her passion and enthusiasm for what she does.  Here's a Q&A I had with Katt, she's one colourful mum!!

Think Twice before you Wrap It

Since starting my own health journey, I have made changes to my life and my family's life in order to live in a healthy way.  This also lead me to think more holistically about the environment and world around me and how little things I do can make a difference. 

What to do if you have low Vitamin D

Before I started on my own health journey, I had many health issues and also suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency.  Today I came across something that showed me how far I've come.

Anna is excited to be part of Healthy Mums

Email testimonial from one of our members.

Hey Amanda, I Just wanted to say how excited I am to be part of this team. I'm looking forward to feeling and seeing the results from your program. All your articles have reminded me how important it is to fuel your body properly. 

Find out why you should make friends with saturated fats

My passion for healthy living means helping others understand exactly 'What is healthy'.  Although we are all different and some of us cannot tolerate the same foods as others, what our body requires on a nutrient level is the same.  One nutrient some of us leave out of our diet is saturated fats.  

Healthy and Fun ideas for Halloween

Halloween is a comin’…..what are you planning to put in those trick or treat bags?  Today’s info may help you make a better choice of treats for the little monsters, without turning them into real little monsters.

Raw Chocolate Cup Cakes

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen I prepared a heap of vegan food for my nephew's party last weekend.  I love that food can bring about so much chatting and lead to meeting new people.  A new friend I met at the party recommended a raw cup cake recipe which I just couldn't wait to try.  Here's my version of the cup cakes...you're going to love them....and yes, they're healthy!

Which Spud is which?

Most of you know by now how much I love my Sunday morning trip to the Flemington Farmer's Market.  I'm starting to see lots more Healthy Mums Jute bags there too which is fantastic.  I'm going to start sharing some of the information I get through chatting with the farmers themselves about their produce.  Today's info comes Mal and Lola Orr from Lightwood Farm Organics in Bullarto South.

Discovering 'Play With Food' with Simone Emery

I came across a fantastic intitiative called 'Play With Food', which most of you know I love to do with my kids.  Chatting with Simone Emery, a like minded mum and the creator of 'Play With Food', she has kindly offered to share a blog post with us to tell us more about what she does.  Over to you Simone and thank you.

Tips for keeping kids safe at home

School holidays are a time for enjoying kids at home, but children are quick and when things go wrong, it can really take away from the fun.  While there's no need to wrap them in cotton wool, being mindful of these little tips can help to keep them safe and give you peace of mind that they are indeed having fun and not getting themsevles into trouble.. 

Choosing a post-baby weight loss program

The pressure to lose weight after having a baby is massive, and the growing number of different weight loss products out there that promise to help does not make it any easier.  Here's some common sense advice on choosing the right weight loss program that works for you.

5 Ways to Make Kids Laugh More

Laughter is the best medicine and the best disease preventer because the more you laugh, the happier you are and so are all your little cells in your body.  I love seeing my kids belly laugh, it's so cute and inviting, it just makes me want to laugh my heart out too.  

Why is sourdough the healthy bread?

I'm number 3 in the line up of 7 kids in my family and grew up in Malta until the age of 10.  When my mum was heavily pregnant with my younger siblings, I spent time living at my Nanna's house (Nanna is Maltese for Grandma).  Nanna would send me across the road to the old bakery at 6am in the morning to buy freshly baked sourdough bread, and that is where my fascination with sourdough bread began.

Why not make your own Minted Peas

My local council (Wyndham City) have started a heatlhy food promotion called 'Give Peas A Chance' which I love because it has a real fun element to encourage kids to eat more veggies.  Here is a way of putting more peas on the table at dinner time.  Sweet peas, delicious mint, healthy goodness!

Keeping it real

Today's blog offers some tips on keeping it real as a mum in our society and how we can help to raise happy and healthy kids who don't worry about the way they look as a basis for their happiness.  

Slow Cooked Wagyu Blade Steak Recipe

Busy mums need to be realistic about their cooking times.  I find that dinner comes around so quickly that I really need to start planning for my cooking in the morning. This recipe is perfect to throw in the slow cooker at the start of the day and have it ready to serve with a salad for dinner.  

Zoe's Healthy Chocolate Puddings

This morning my daughter, Zoe (5),  wanted to make cupcakes with me in our pyjamas.  So we started baking, but didn't end up with cupcakes; they were more like puddings.  Luckily she was still happy because they tasted good, and so was I because they were healthy.   She wanted me to name this recipe after her, so I did.

Have with anything sauce

Making quick sauces is a skill that comes handy for mums as often the day gets busy and there is little time left for lenghty cooking.  This sauce is rich and very tasty yet quick and easy to make.  It goes great with anything and I've got to say it's my husband's favourite (men will like anything with bacon!).

Potato Base Pizza

Being creative in my kitchen is leaving me with lots of dirty dishes.....but the food is totally worth it and yes, a kitchen hand would be nice I agree.  My latest creation was devoured by my husband which means it must have been good.  Simple to make and really healthy.

Healthy Drinks for Kids?

I have strong views about children drinking water with sugar added to it and I'm just wondering how you all feel about it too.   Do we need another sugar-added drink marketed towards children on our supermarket shelves?  Here's an article from the Herald Sun outlining a new brand of drinks coming out for kids and how Australian nutritionists feel about it.


Hello Tallow

I love my farmer's market.  Part of the appeal is that I never know what I'm going to find there which could be a little unusual.  Most people wouldn't get excited about buying animal fat, but when I got a text from my wagyu farmer saying he was bringing some for me at the next market, I was wrapt!  Read on to see why and what I did with it.

Gluten Free Superfood Slice

When you need to head out the door a little earlier than usual, it only makes sense to take breakfast with you.  Last Saturday morning I woke up before hubby and the kids to prepare for a day on the road and I made this healthy slice.  It travelled well in the car too and to my surprise it was fine out of the fridge and didn't melt everywhere.

Healthy Mums Expert Bridget Pennington

I am truly enjoying putting my heart and soul into Healthy Mums, and reaching out to mums who need help getting healthy.  I know the universe is on my side when it comes to this because so many amazing people have been coming into my life since we launched in Feb 2013 whom I feel most fortunate to meet.  

5 Tips to have more fun at the park

Getting to the park on nice days for a bit of fun is always on my agenda, but with two kids in tow, it can sometimes get a little hairy….not to mention the grey hound who just wants to run around off leash.  Here are a few tips to help mums have as much fun as the little ones and pooches at the park:

3 simple things to reduce Australian waistlines

I opened the Herald Sun today to find yet another article about Australia’s increasing obesity rates and the affect on our health, and the same thing is prominent on the news ads on TV today too.  Here are 3 simple things that I believe would help reduce our waistlines and improve the health of our nation.

Potato and Broccoli Bake

Although I love my brocccoli and will even eat it raw, the rest of my family don't share my passion for this antioxidant rich, cancer fighting, fibre full vegetable.  I continue to dish it up anyway, but only after some creative thinking as to how I can make it more appetising for my husband and little ones.  This potato and broccoli bake was a winner!

40 minutes to prepare and cook

Dried beans made easy

If you check out my pantry, you may occassionally find a can of tuna or coconut cream in there, but I hardly buy canned food anymore to limit my exposure to BPA and also for my family.  Canned food often has sugar and lots of salt added to it and has been cooked at high temperatures leaving little nutrition.  Give my way a go....

Chickpea and Cashew Butter

One of the things I love most about healthy eating is that the flavours are pure and the combinations are endless.  You really are the master of your kitchen and you have the power to try new things.  Being adventurous with food is the only way to learn and discover new flavour sensations.  This recipe was purely inspired by chickpeas!

Healthy Raw Chocolate Biscuit Cake

We celebrated our daughter's 5th birthday this week and when it came to making her cake, I was keen to give a healthy alternative a go.  This cake was not your traditional soft, fluffy sponge cake but had texture and crunch, a little like a biscuit....surprisingly easy and really delicious!

Gluten and Dairy - Good or Bad?

Our Healthy Mums members are truly lucky to have Bridget Pennington, who loves to be called Bee, from Be Gluten Free to support them with any Coeliac Lifestyle issues and to answer any gluten related questions.  Here is her blog after chatting live online with our members.

Heart surgeon speaks out

A while ago I read this amazing article and I've been wanting to share the key points with my Healthy Mums community.  This article is written by Dr. Dwight Lundell who is a heart surgeon and he's performed over 5,000 open heart surgeries over 25 years.  He's written this article saying that the medical profession has been wrong about the causes of heart disease.

Superfood Figs

A little while ago I attended an event hosted by Nourish Melbourne about fertility with the lovely Dr. Nat Kringoudis educating us all about food and fertility.  One of the things mentioned on the night was how figs look like testicles and how they're actually good for testicular health, so I thought I'd do some research and dig up some more facts for my readers.

Fig and Blue Cheese Salad

Figs are not only nutritious, but they also taste great.  They're versatile and easy to add to desserts or savoury dishes.  I love adding them to salads for a touch of sweetness.

Gluten Free Carrot and Parsley Flat Bread

I recently learnt from our Coeliac Lifestyle Expert, Bridget Pennington, that as a result of genetic modification, the gluten in our food has increased by 50% over the last 50 years.  Gluten is a hard protein for the body to digest so knowing there is so much more of it present in our food means we need to be more aware of how much of it we eat.  Look out for more gluten-free recipes from Healthy Mums to reduce gluten.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Ginger and Truffles

Did you know that mushrooms are high in vitamins and minerals and one of the richest natural sources of selenium making them a great antioxidant.  I found some beautiful field mushrooms at the farmer's market on the weekend and I decided to stuff them using ginger and truffles along with some pork mince.  Very delicious and nutritious!  By the way, Aldi is selling truffles at the moment, so be quick to get yours.

Gluten Free Wraps

Many of the foods I used to buy ready-made, I now choose not to buy anymore because I'm more aware of ingredients like soy, additives and preservatives which I want to avoid for myself and my family.  So instead, I try to find a way to make things myself.  Today I invented an easy gluten free wrap which we also used as a pizza base, try it, you won't believe how healthy and easy they are to make.

Healthy Pumpkin Flat Bread (gluten free option)

If you're looking for something different to make with pumpkin, look no further.  These pumpkin squares are healthy and a great alternative to wraps, crackers or rice cakes which have little nutrition left in them after processing.  

Mashed Potato

Take a simple dish like mashed potato, throw in some onion, garlic and cheese, and make it amazing.  

The Truth About Butter and Margarine

Yesterday I posted a question on the Healthy Mums Facebook page asking if mums had butter or margarine in their fridge, and I was really happy to see that most mums are using real butter.  I thought I would write this blog to clear any confusion about why butter is healthy to eat.

Easy Pickled Veg

I've always wanted to try pickling my own vegetables, but never gave it a go as I thought it would be a hard thing to do....not so!  I've managed to make a healthy jar of pickled vegetables and they were perfect for a snack with cheese, some sourdough and a glass of wine when the neighbours dropped in for a catch up and everyone was impressed. .

Healthy Tomato Sauce

One of the things I hate putting out on the table is tomato sauce because my kids and husband love it but I know it contains sugar and preservatives.  So today I decided to make my own....and it tastes amazing and it's so easy.  Totally guilt-free tomato sauce!

Pine Mushroom Stew

If you ever get a chance to try Pine Mushrooms (Lactarius Deliciousos), make sure you take it.  I was made to feel very special today when my father-in-law drove an hour to bring these amazing mushrooms he harvested to my place, and he even cooked them for me!  I'm very lucky!  Also very lucky to have tried these mushrooms.

10 Best Foods to Prevent Colds and Flu

This morning I asked my 4 year old daughter to put some warm clothes on as she was running around in a singlet and undies (as she does), and her response was “I hate winter mum”.  I must say I feel that way too some times, but the weather is something we can’t control so making efforts to eat the best foods for the season (and to dress warm) can help to keep us healthy and ward off any nasty bugs that are going around.  In no particular order, here are the top 10 foods to eat during winter.

Slow Cooked Wagyu Brisket

I love going on with my day knowing that dinner is not only planned, but cooking away.... I'm having a slow cooker love affair right now!  It just makes cooking so easy yet still delicious and nutritious. 

Lentil and Mung Bean Side Dish

Lentils and mung beans are high in protein, fiber and other nutrients, plus they taste delicious.  I love serving this dish with any meat stew or even soup to boost the yum-factor and the nutritional value of our meal.  My kids and husband all love this side dish which makes it even better to serve up.

Slow Cooked Goat Shanks

Quite a few years ago while living in Perth, I was lucky enough to have an excellent Italian Butcher close by and I tried some goat meat.  Since then, I'm always on the look out for goat meat as I love it so much.  It's such a sweet and succulent meat and I love it slow-cooked on the bone until it literally falls off and you can suck all the juices and marrow out of the bones themselves.

Superfood- Persimmon

I recently purchased my first persimmons from the farmer’s market and I’m totally in love with this orange, tomato-looking fruit.   I actually had to ask the farmer how to eat them as I had never tried one before, and I liked his answer, "you simply eat them like an apple" he said.   Today I explore the nutritious benefits of this super-fruit and tell you why you and your kids should be eating them over winter.

Quail Scotch Eggs

I love it when I find quail eggs to buy and whenever I see them available, I always take the opportunity to grab some.  Although they may be smaller than chicken eggs, they actually pack more nutritional power with higher amounts of protein, Vitamin A, B1 and B2, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus plus they are allergy free.  I love making scoth eggs with these little baby eggs (as my daughter calls them).

Sourdough Starter Recipe

I have loved discovering the age old tradition of bread-making using natural yeasts as it was made eons ago.  We have sped up this process to make quick, easy bread, but in the process we’ve lost the wonder that is the ‘sourdough’.  I’d love to see this artisan tradition revived and practiced in more modern homes. 

Sourdough Bread Recipe

The day I mastered baking sourdough bread was very exciting for me, so I’m really pleased to be able to share this recipe.  This bread is the ultimate if you like baking, and surprisingly easy if you don’t.

Winter Veg

Shopping for seasonal produce at a farmer's market over winter leaves me with lots of kale, beetroot, broccoli and carrots, and that's ok, as long as they get used up before the next shopping trip is due.  Here is a great way to cook these veggies if you find you're at the end of your week and they're still sitting there.

Roast Beetroot My Way

Roasting your own beetroot is a real food experience that will change anyone's idea of beetroot and have you looking forward to the next time you can get these little beauties in your oven again.  They are also really, really good for you.

Home-made Pop Corn (with coconut oil)

Limiting pre-packaged, processed, commercially baked, convenient food is a must in my house to make sure we are eating healthy.  Having a treat every now and then is great but making things from scratch when possible is important so you know how the food is cooked and what's in it.  Popcorn is a very easy treat to make for kids and adults to enjoy.

Honey Pop Joys

My daughter brought home a recipe for honey joys from kinder the other day and really wanted to make them with me at home.  Now we don't buy corn flakes as it's a processed food, so in being creative and not wanting to disappoint my daughter, I replaced cornflakes with popcorn and reduced the fructose content by replacing the sugar with a fructose-free sweetener.  She loved the end result....and so did I!

Buying healthy take-away food is not always easy

Eating out is not one of my favourite things anymore, unless it's at a nice restaurant where I know fresh food is used and I'm going to get a really nice meal.  The other day I left home without my packed lunch, and I regretted it because when I thought I was getting something yummy and healthy it turned out to be awful (even though the name of the place had the word 'Healthy' in it).  Here are some of my ideas to improve the quality of take-away foods.

Goji Apple Strudel Recipe

When it comes time for dessert, I love being able to make something reasonably healthy that tastes yummy at the same time.  Tonight I came up with a real winner and was really excited to share it with you.  I have substituted some regular strudel ingredients to make a low-fructose strudel by using rice malt syrup instead of sugar with the fruit.

Easy Puff Pastry Recipe

I have become really passionate about making food from scratch, not only because it tastes better, but mostly because I know exactly what's in it, and what's not!  This recipe makes a beautiful, fluffy pastry which really flakes as you cook it and it's so easy to make.  

Low Fructose Muesli Rolls

A fructose intolerance can make life hard, but the truth is that fructose is nobody's best friend.  Table sugar is made up of 50% fructose and 50% glucose.  Glucose is used by your body to make energy, but fructose is damaging to your liver and also leads to fatty weight gain.  So it's important that everyone is aware of fructose and how much they're eating of it, not just the intolerant.  If you're going to have fruit, make sure it's the whole fruit as the fiber slows down the absorption of fructose by the liver.  Two to three pieces of fruit are safe to eat per day.  

I have created a low-fructose recipe which is great for everyone.


Easy Peasy Cheesy Shepherd's Pie

Cooking for the family can sometimes be a real chore, but keeping things quick and simple in my kitchen is a way that I find keeps cooking enjoyable for me.  Here is my take on the traditional Sheppard's Pie.....easy, peasy, cheesy!

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, but with it comes a risk to your health….less sunshine!
Less sunshine makes it harder to get our vitamin D, so it becomes more important to make the effort to get some sun and to eat the right foods that help.

Garlic and Herb Sourdough Crusts

Tonight I was serving up dinner......grass-fed beef steaks, mash and salad.  Pretty easy dinner and didn't take long at all!  But then my daughter says "Mum, can we please have garlic bread with dinner", and I just can't say no.  In 10 minutes I whip up this awesome garlic bread with not just one flavour, but three.....garlic, garlic and oregano and garlic and chilli!  Talk about a quick turn around time, us mums really can do it all!

Red Seaweed Dangers

Here’s an article which I thought was important to share.  It highlights facts about an ingredient used in milk alternative drinks and other processed foods which has dangerous side effects. 

New Beginnings Are Possible

Many of our downfalls in life are associated with the past, or what we’re holding onto from our past.

Today, Anne Hubbard (one of our Healthy Mums Experts) blogs for us about letting go of the past and how that can help new beginnings be possible.

The 10 Food Commandments

Here are 10 things you can do to improve the nourishment your body is getting. While some are obvious, there are others you may not have been aware of.

Top 10 exercises that keep me strong

Before I start, I need to make a point that I don’t use exercise for weight-loss.  I exercise for fun, to challenge myself, to feel good, to keep me strong and to allow me to do things (such as lifting the shopping and playing with the kids) with little effort and without back-pain.  I control my weight with the food I eat, which is what Healthy Mums teaches.  So here are 10 easy exercises that work for me.

Lovely Anzacs (gluten free option)

Having home-baked treats at home is much better than buying commercially baked goods to avoid trans-fats, colours and preservatives.  These gluten-free anzac biscuits are easy to make and can be made with the kids for a bit of fun.

Bread Pizza

Food rarely goes to waste in my kitchen.   I try to find ways to use everything up in order to save money and avoid throwing away food.  One of the things I do is freeze my left over bread, before starting a new loaf.  I have started turning the frozen bread into breadcrumbs, or pizza.  It’s so easy and really yummy.  Here's how I do my Bread Pizza.  It's a great way to get the kids involved too.

Honey and Dill Carrots

This recipe is sure to impress any dinner guests, and perfect to have handy when your meals just need that extra something.  Really easy and tastes amazing. 

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