What to do if you have low Vitamin D


Before I started on my own health journey, I had many health issues and also suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency.  Today I came across something that showed me how far I've come.

I read somewhere years ago that an easy way to check if you were Vitamin D deficient was to press on your sternum and if it was painful, you knew you were deficient.  Mine was very sensitive and didn’t take much pushing before I felt the pain.   My blood tests at the time also confirmed I was deficient.

Today I read an article from Sarah Wilson which mentioned the same little test with your sternum, and to my surprise, when I pushed on it there was no pain at all.

This article reiterates the importance of eating full fat foods and spending time in the sun without sunscreen to protect yourself from the dangers of Vitamin D deficiencies which people are more likely to die from than sun cancer.  Have a read here.

As per Sarah’s article, I regularly spend time in the sun and eat full fat animal foods.  My sternum these days is no longer painful to press on and I think it’s time I did a blood test to find out what my levels are now.  Stay tuned for my results……

Sarah Wilson is a nutritionist I respect and love to follow.   Her style of writing is fun and real, and on top of that you can learn heaps from her.

Sarah’s philosophy on food supports what we teach through the Healthy Mums 30 week online program.  We love helping mums get healthy, check it out here.