Tips to get healthy for Christmas


Here are 3 tips to help you achieve your health goals.  Why wait until New Years when you can start getting healthy now:

  1. Walk/run 20 minutes every day, it's better weather at this time of year so get out more and stay active.
  2. Drink water with lemon to alkalise your body, this helps imrove general health plus encourages weight loss.  Drink enough water that your pee is clear. 
  3. Eat most of your carbs at breakfast, less at lunch, and even less at fact, as little carbs as possible at dinner time.  Fiill your plate with more salad instead.  

Following these simple tips is a great start to better health and reaching goals by Christmas time.  If you want to know more or want to challenge yourself to be at your best health, then you can join the Healthy Mums 30 Week Online Program here.  

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle