Tips for keeping kids safe at home


School holidays are a time for enjoying kids at home, but children are quick and when things go wrong, it can really take away from the fun.  While there's no need to wrap them in cotton wool, being mindful of these little tips can help to keep them safe and give you peace of mind that they are indeed having fun and not getting themsevles into trouble.. 


Healthy Mums tips for keeping kids safe at home

  1.  Make sure all blind cords are out of reach
  2. Secure book shelves and other furniture to the walls to prevent climbing dangers
  3. Never leave kids alone around water or in the bath
  4. Keep kitchen utensils out of their reach and face handles for pots and pans towards the back of the stove
  5. Never leave kids alone with pets
  6. Keep kids secured with a seatbelt on high chairs and strollers and keep them in your sight
  7. Remove any toxic stuff in your home from their reach (lock cupboards) and consider non-toxic alternatives
  8. Install safety plugs in your power points and make sure there's no chords for them to play with, trip over or bite into
  9. Have a little bell or lock on your front door so they can't run out without your knowing
  10. If they're riding bikes, skateboards, scooters etc, make sure they wear helmets and other protective gear you think is necessary

Be mindful, stay switched on around kids and have lots of holiday fun.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle