Think Twice before your drive


We can make a huge difference to the environment and our health and fitness by thinking twice about the way we move.  

Moving is such a great way for our mind and body to remain engaged and healthy and also essential for fitness.  Getting around in a car is convenient, but affects the environment and doesn't use any of our body’s fuel. 


Today's 'Think Twice' message is:  Don't drive when you can walk!

Think about using your body to get yourself from A to B when appropriate (especially if your destination is less than a 15 minute walk away).  Planning ahead is the key. Allow enough time to reach your destination and dress appropriately depending on the weather.   

Now with the weather getting better, I’ve been making a conscious effort to walk where I can with the kids and the dog and we all seem much more relaxed when we do this.  It’s all so rush-rush when you drive around everywhere, and I find walking is a great way to connect with them, with myself and with the world around me. 

Using your body's fuel instead of a car to go places is great for your health, reduces impact on the environment and also keeps you fit and looking great.  Best part of all, it's free.  It can also be a great way to slow down your busy day, enjoy some time chatting with the kids as you walk along and/or relax and unwind as you go.

Challenge yourself and see how much less you can use the car this week.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle