Think Twice before you buy


Food shopping is so convenient these days, supermarkets are open all night and on weekends, and we rarely ever go without.  So we are a thriving society which is great, but the down side is that we have become a throw-away society. 

The National Waste Report 2010 estimated that Australians throw out 4 million tonnes of food every year (worth $8 billion dollars).  That’s enough to fill 450,000 garbage trucks which is astounding!!

Today's message is 'Think Twice before you buy'

Think about using a food planner to work out the food you need, make a shopping list from there and stick to it.  Buying food then throwing it away is just plain stupid, so let’s do it less.  If you want a great place to help with meal planning, check out this site.

Also think about what you’re buying….is the packaging recyclable/bio-degradable?  Is it a healthy food for my family?

Planning and making food choices that are best for our health and our environment will reduce waste and lead to better health.  We are producing more than we need and 20% of it ends up being thrown away.  If we can reduce the waste, we also reduce stress on our environment to produce that extra food.

Another great option is to grow some of your own fruit, veggies and herbs.  I love that I can walk out in my garden and pick some salad for dinner (thanks to my green-thumb husband).  Growing your own food is rewarding and saves you time and money on shopping.  It’s also a great way to eat organically grown produce that is affordable. 

So my question to you is, does your family buy too much then throw away?

If the answer is yes, challenge yourself to buy less and waste less.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle

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