Sandra - Greenvale, Victoria

It was great being a part of the programme. I actually signed up twice - as I found it quite inspiring / a great guide.

I started my work day with an email with either food/recipes, exercise tips or inspirational quotes.  I looked forward to receiving these - as part of my early morning routine. Two other workmates also joined up with me (the first time I did it) & we would often discuss the daily email over morning tea.

I am generally a healthy eater (although chocolate is my only downfall), the 'crunch time' was a great guide and I did follow this from my desk daily. The recipes also gave me a few good healthy lunch ideas - with some added ingredients I would never have thought to use.

Regarding exercise - it is often difficult for me to fit this into my work/day/night, but walking the dog most nights - as Amanda also mentioned - was some form of movement & beneficial.

I loved hearing about Amanda's childhood experiences with food, her family support unit & her now current food plan for her husband & children. She just looks amazing - and seeing her progress not only made me happy but excited that it "can be achieved".

Receiving inspirational quotes - convincing me to stick with it - were a great touch. Sometimes I would print it out just to have sitting at my computer screen as I type away.

This programme is a great way of helping you get there. I now feel better about myself inside & out. Stay committed & focussed & give it a try.

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