Q&A with Kreative Katt


I was introduced to Katt who is a mum running her own business as an interior designer creating beautiful spaces within the home.  Meeting clever, busy mums is so inspiring to me recently.  She keeps her creativity alive and I love her passion and enthusiasm for what she does.  Here's a Q&A I had with Katt, she's one colourful mum!!

Amanda :  Tell us about you and what inspires you to get creative?

Katt:  After becoming a mummy in 2012 and my whole world changing, the thought of going back to work for someone and missing out on my baby growing gave me the drive to turn my tiny business into a small part time career which enables me to share my love for all things style & design. Through this process it became clear that so many people out there needed an affordable interior designer to help them make their homes more comfortable & functional. It was also clear that once my creative juices started flowing, so did my ideas for creating beautiful home-wares and jewellery for adults and children alike! 

A:  Describe what it is you do.  Split it into different paragraphs to describe different things you have going.

K:  Kreative Katt is a unique business which offers all things style and design! All our clients are surprised to find that hiring us was not just a worth while investment but one that is not as costly as they would think. We are also in an industry which is not just for the people building or renovating but an ideal solution to help you feel more comfortable in your home.

If you’re after a bit of Interior Design fun in your own home our new DESIGN PARTIES are a blast for you and your friends whereby our qualified interior designer comes to you in your home bringing a range of home wares, linens, cushions & accessories including optional kids ranges.  We teach you and your friends the basic secrets of decorating, where to save money and how to shop smart whilst showing you how to decorate also.

Our design service offers colour & paint consultations, packages for refreshing your home, full design packages, kiddy interior designs, hourly consultations in your home & tailored package to suit whatever you and your home need. We also have virtual designs which are done by our consultants via email and all items are sent to you in a beautiful e-board!

Our design workshops are a whole lot of fun. Teaching you interior design on a simple scale and how to use it in your own space; our 4 hour workshops are ideal for people who love colour, trends and design.

Lastly our MADE range of products evolves as we add more items from local designers & handmade goods including memo/pin boards, hair clip boards, kid’s hair clips, jewellery and unique gorgeous little finds like our range of scribble cushions ideal for graduation or our pocket cushions which are a great idea for phones, tablets or remotes.

A:  What are your best interior design tips you can give to our mums out there?

K:  I’ll start with the most simple and the best, though I cannot take credit for it.  Benjamin Franklin said: ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’.  Good storage is the key to a well-designed home.  So my tip from this is clean-up, simplify and get organised, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.

Use and re-use what you have. We're mums, and mums are usually on a tight budget, always trying to save for our kids where we can.  So revamp a room at no cost by shaking up the arrangement of accessories.  Start with a clean canvas by putting everything you have on the floor, then re-place them in different areas to where they were originally. Think about height, width and purpose of all the items.

Invest Well.  Everything we buy is an investment.  Food is an investment for our health, books are an investment for our mind;  likewise home wares, furniture and accessories are an investment for our environment and our homes!  So invest well and ensure you are spending the right money in the right place.  

Last & most importantly…..it’s your house, you’re the client so make it personal.  A display home designed is styled by manipulation to secure sales for someone else; in your home you want to inject personal style and add items that have a story.  This is what turns an average room into a stunning home.

After all a home needs to breathe life through its occupants, just like humans breathe life through air!

A:  Is there a special offer you have for Healthy Mums members?

K:  As a gift to our wonderful friends at Healthy Mums we are offering all members some great discounts on our products and services!  All you need to do is mention you’re a Healthy Mums member!  We can help you embrace the healthy change you’re embarking on by helping you change your environment!

For all members 20% off our entire MADE range. Including memo/pin boards, hair clip boards, hair clips and jewellery. Christmas packages and custom orders excluded. Postage or delivery is extra.

30% off all virtual packages to all members Australia wide

30% off initial consultations to all Melbourne Metro based members! Entitling you to a 60min in home consultation where we can go through your home offering advice and assist you to establish the best package for you! Regional Melbourne clients please contact us if you would like a one on one service and we can see what we can do

A:  If mums do not live in Melbourne, what do you have available online that would be great for a Christmas gift?

K:  Our entire MADE range can be posted Australia wide. We offer gift wrapping and custom designs or gift packages which are ideal for Christmas.

Our virtual package is also a great Christmas gift World Wide as the entire design process & concept can be sent via email. Alternatively, we also offer gift vouchers where by clients can select their own package or gift. 


I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about Katt and can apply some of her tips in your own home.  

Feel free to contact Katt directly kkd_c@yahoo.com if you would like to take her up on her special offers above.  Look out for our blog at the start of December with our give-away competition featuring Katt's memo board as one of the prizes.

Your healthy friend,