Healthy Mums features in Business West Magazine


Healthy Mums has come a long way since it launched in February 2013.  Business West Magazine interviewed the founder of the company (Amanda Steidle) and featured an article in their November 2013 edition.


By Charlene Macaulay

If you’ve ever read a women’s magazine you will be all-too familiar with the pressure celebrities put on themselves to get back to their pre baby weight.

It’s a pressure that has trickled down to everyday society, with every new mum keen to get back into their skinny jeans.

Point Cook’s Amanda Steidle was one of them.

The former personal trainer and high-level athlete piled on the kilos after a difficult first pregnancy and health complications with daughter Zoe, and was determined to throw herself back into her old exercise regime.

Despite the hard yards, the weight wouldn’t budge.

“She was very tired, she kept getting injuries…..she was trying to burn it off and it wasn’t working, so she started to look at the food and researching what she should be eating and what she shouldn’t be eating ,” husband Adrian said.

“It onlt took a few months for people to notice.  The weight fell off her, and mums at the playgroup were asking what she was doing.”

“Her Dad, who’s a doctor, did some blood tests on her and all her results were improving, so what she was doing was working, not just from a weight perspective, but from a health perspective, and she started writing programs for her friends.”

From that, Healthy Mums was born.

The business is a 30-week online program that helps mums control their weight and get healthy through food rather than exercise.

Clients are given a welcome pack and sent daily emails that discuss the benefits of healthy eating and different foods.

Amanda has also assembled a panel of health experts that help and support members on their journey through the members-only discussion forum, where mums can raise questions and help each other out.

“It’s all about making it gradual and realistic.  You shouldn’t try and shock your system by making massive changes all at oncd,” Amanda said.

“It’s best to make step by step changes over the long term and to bring your family along with you on the journey.”

“You also need to be flexible enough to adjust your behaviour for whatever situation you are faced with.”

“That’s why we teach what’s right and how things work, rather than give strict meal plans.  We empower mums to do the right thing themselves.”