Gluten Free Flour


It’s getting pretty easy to buy gluten free food and ingredients, but you still want to watch out for nasties and processed foods when doing so.  Just cause it’s gluten free, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  

I was recently away for a weekend to race at Spartan QLD and left hubby with the kids.  On my return, the kids were excited to tell me stories about what they got up to with Dad as they’d had a great time.  One of the things my six year old bragged about was that they’d made cupcakes.  I immediately asked hubby what recipe and flour he had used, and he said he simply found a recipe online with regular flour, then used my gluten free flour as a substitute to make gluten free cupcakes.  They were even super thoughtful and kept one for me to try and they were delicious (well done honey).

We do our best at home to make food from scratch using as little ingredients as possible, and obviously no nasties.  It’s been very handy to have gluten free flour ready to use whenever needed so here it is.  If you’re using a thermomix, you can start with the grain and mill once all the ingredients are in.  If using a regular food processor, the you’ll need flour to start with.

Makes about 800g flour


  • large bowl
  • kitchen scales (if not using a thermomix)
  • thermomix or food processor
  • 1kg storage container with lid (or bigger if making several batches)


  • 240g sweet potatot flour, maize flour or sorghum flour (you can use any of these, sweet potato is my favourite)
  • 180g tapioca flour
  • 240g rice flour
  • 160g buckwheat flour
  • 8tsp xantham gum or guar gum (acts like gluten)


  1. Place all your ingredients in your thermomix or food processor and blend well (TM Sp6 10 secs)  If starting with grains in your thermomix, use speed 8 until flour is fine.
  2. Pour flour mix in your container, seal and store until needed


Don't be scared to experiment and give old recipes a go with your gluten free flour now ready to go in your pantry.

The flour in this recipe will be used for many recipes you find here, so keep it handy.

Your healthy friend,