Georgina - mum of 2

"I am really pleased with the changes I've made in the last 6 months. I know I've always struggled to lose excess weight especially after having children. Your program provided very useful information and it was all very easy to incorporate into our daily lives… the information you provide is wonderful and the pace at which you generate the emails and content is spot on.

I looked forward to receiving an email daily as it kept me motivated and interested in the program. I absolutely loved the food focus rather than lots of exercise. The recipes are just delicious and ideas and information provided daily was just so easy to incorporate in our lives.

Amanda was a pleasure to work with and always there as a backbone providing support when needed. I would recommend the program to all mums that are aiming to achieve a balanced lifestyle. I never thought the program would be so easy but it really is wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your program and I will continue to use the program to achieve my healthy weight range which I am so eager to do!"

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