Find out why you should make friends with saturated fats


My passion for healthy living means helping others understand exactly 'What is healthy'.  Although we are all different and some of us cannot tolerate the same foods as others, what our body requires on a nutrient level is the same.  One nutrient some of us leave out of our diet is saturated fats.  

At Healthy Mums´╗┐ we educate about the importance of saturated fats for complete health, but we know that mainstream society is still unsure about the benefits, and are even scared to eat them due to the fear of raising their cholesterol and blocking their arteries.

Well fear no longer, Catalyst episode 'Heart of the Matter Part 1' will help you understand the benefits of eating full fat foods and highlights how we have been brainwashed to believe that low fat is good for us.

Part 2 highlights the fact that the benefits of taking cholesterol lowering drugs have been exagerated and have a questionable positive effect on overall health and longevity.  There are more bad side effects than good benefits. Cholesterol lowering medications are the most commonly prescribed drugs in history and yet, daily exercise has far more benefits in relation to reducing heart disease than thaking the medicaton.  

The 30 Week Online Healthy Mums program is nutritionist endorsed and encourages members to eat saturated fat as part of a traditional diet which leads to better health and helps them achieve natural and sustainable weight loss.  As the founder of Healthy Mums, I am passionate about helping mums and families achieve better health and more energy by imporving their food.  Our education gives mums the nutritional knowledge they need to be healthy and to raise a healthy family.  I couldn't imagine any mum wanting anything less than this.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle

The views expressed on the Healthy Mums blog are not intended as medical advice.  Please see your Doctor regarding prescribed medications before deciding on making any changes.