Choosing a post-baby weight loss program


The pressure to lose weight after having a baby is massive, and the growing number of different weight loss products out there that promise to help does not make it any easier.  Here's some common sense advice on choosing the right weight loss program that works for you.

It’s common knowledge that giving birth will seriously alter the way that your body functions – at least for a couple of months.  After having a child, most women automatically want to revert back to their pre-baby body as soon as possible.  As a result, many new mums try to find a good diet and exercise program that can shed the pounds quickly – often without really paying attention to what it could do to their health.  For the sake of your sanity and your new child, it’s imperative that you choose a weight loss program that focuses on taking off the pounds healthily.  Here are some good guidelines for new mums trying to find the right weight loss plan for them.

  • Ask yourself if it makes sense to you.  If you see a diet that basically is telling you to starve yourself, ask yourself if putting yourself at risk to that point makes any sense for  you or your family.  Chances are that if a diet sounds too good to be true, too risky to stay on for the long term, or just too crazy to work, it probably is.

  • Is it do-able? Any weight loss program that will actually keep the pounds off is a program that will actually be somewhat easy to abide by.  New mums need to find plans that allow them to have convenient snacks while they are on the go, are able to allow them to have a social life.  If you can’t eat at restaurants, indulge in party snacks once in a while, or eat anything aside from items on a very small list, it’s not a good plan to follow.

  • Would your kids want to live on it, too?  As a mum, it is your duty to your family to lead by example.  For the sake of your children, try to choose a diet plan that they might find appetizing.  The easier it is for them to want to eat the food you’re eating, the easier it is for them to get healthy, too.

  • Are there other mums who had good results on this plan?  No body is the same, but the fact is that people’s metabolisms generally work in similar ways. If you know of a lot of other new moms who were able to peel off the pounds with ease through a certain fitness program, that’s generally a good indicator that it might work for you.

  • Is it realistic in what it promises?  Many weight loss program ads will tell you of miraculous results with little time to achieve them. T hough you may want to go right back to your pre-baby figure, it is important to realize that every good diet plan will take time to work.  You simply cannot expect to lose 10kg's in a month and be able to keep it off.

As a rule, you should never risk you or your family’s health by opting for a program that does not adhere to these common sense rules.  So, by all means, make an effort to lose weight – just choose the right program to do so.

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Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle