Adrian - husband to Amanda and father of two


As a Healthy Mums husband I have lost 14 kilograms, feel great and make better everyday food choices without even thinking about it. 

"As is the case for our members, my life has also been transformed by applying the lessons and changes recommended in the Healthy Mums program.

I’ve always been a fit and active person. In fact, Amanda and I actually met at an indoor soccer match.

The trouble was that with a change in lifestyle after kids and an increasingly demanding corporate job, there was less time for me to do the things I once did to stay fit. I also started snacking on the office cakes and too frequently having lunches out.

All up I weighed 84kgs. At 5’7”, that gave me a BMI of 28 (the high end of overweight). I wasn’t happy with my body and I found I was catching any colds going around the office. So from Christmas 2011, I started applying the Healthy Mums lessons. By July 2012, just seven months later, I was down to 76kgs. I had lots of extra energy which meant I was able to start training for that marathon I’d always wanted to do. After four months of training I lost a further 3kgs and I finished the Melbourne Marathon in a gruelling 5hrs 36mins. By the end of 2012 I had lost another 3kgs – and that was without any further running! 

So by the end of 2012, I had lost 14kgs weighing in at a healthy 70kg. I had reached my ideal BMI and I felt great. 

I rarely get sick now, I’ve got loads of energy and I find myself making better choices without even having to think about it. It takes commitment, but I feel great. I firmly believe in what Healthy Mums is all about and I am so proud to be setting a good example for my kids, family and friends."