A Healthy Dad speaks out


After reading our feature article in the Business West Magazine, one of our Dads wrote in to congratulate us and to share what his journey has been like for his family with him and his wife doing the program.

Congratulations Amanda. You truely deserve good press on your program. I preach your program to whoever will listen. Its not about forcing you to follow a program. Its about educating you on good health. No gimmicks just honest advice. Its quite empowering to know and understand the fundamentals of healthier eating. Im happy and honest to say that Healthy Mums has changed my whole outlook on food...and life. I now focus on living and making each day enjoyable, productive and most of all fulfilling, and that starts with what i put in my mouth.
After meeting Amanda, my wife and I started the program and our family has never been the same since.  We are healthier, happier and in control.
Thank you Amanda.

(From Phil)


Thank you Phil.  It makes me so happy to see the Dads coming on board and embracing healthy food and healthy living along with their wives.  Here's to parents becoming better role models and raising happy and healthy kids thanks to the Healthy Mums 30 Week Online Program.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle