A guide to cleaning your fridge


 New Yearsitis - the uncontrollable urge to clean and declutter every room and cupboard in the house.....that's what I have at the moment and to be honest, I'm absolutely loving the end result.  My fridge got attacked to day and for anyone who is not sure how to tackle the white (or stainless steel) monster, here's a step by step guide.

I think a clean fridge is important for a few reasons.  Firstly it holds your food, and that's the best reason there is.  But apart from that, it also helps you to stay organised and know what food there is available and what food you need to buy, saving you time and money in the end.  I personally find that when my fridge is clean, it helps me stay motivated to stock it with healthy and fresh food.

Here's how I went about the clean.


  • Small tub or bucket filled with warm water
  • Lemon, orange or lavendar oil (avoid nasty chemicals)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Scourer and some dish washing detergent for extra sticky spots
  • Esky with some freezer packs or frozen food inside
  • Cleaning gloves (optional)
  • An empty bench to place all your fridge contents on while cleaning
  • Sink with soapy water for washing your fridge shelves (for the extreme clean)
  • 3 or 4 clean tea towels

To clean:

  1. Prepare your warm water with a few drops of your essential oil
  2. Empty your fridge, placing any dairy and meat products into your esky
  3. Take out any removable shelves and trays and wash in your sink.  
  4. Place on some tea towels to dry while you clean the rest of the fridge
  5. Using your microfibre cloth and little tub with warm water and essential oil, wipe down the rest of the fridge
  6. Any really sticky spots may need a scourer with some dish washing liquid to get them clean
  7. When the inside of the fridge is ready, wipe down the seals and the frame, then move onto the outside of the fridge (remove all magnets and paperwork, and sort before putting back on, leaving you ready for a new year).
  8. The top of the fridge may need a little extra essential oil on the cloth to get the greasy dust off
  9. Change the water throughout the clean as needed
  10. Once the shelves and trays are dry (use a tea towel to finish them off), place them back in your brand new looking fridge
  11. As you place your food back in, wipe down and under every jar and container and check use by dates, discarded anything dated or unwanted.  
  12. It's also an idea to write down anything you are needing while you do this






There you have it, a brand new looking fridge and you know exactly what's in it.  Keep it stocked with healthy food and give it a quick wipe down once a month to keep it decent throughtout the year.