6 tips to avoid tears on the first day of school


How many emotional Mums do we have at the moment with their first born heading off to school this week?  I'm definitely one of them and my mix of emotions has taken me by surprise, so I'm guessing there's lots of mums out there feeling the same way.

This is my little Zoe trying on her new uniform and she'll be starting school this week.  Five and a half years ago she was born with a heart murmur and a 6mm hole in her heart known as a VSD (ventricular septal defect).  My pregnancy with Zoe was difficult, having been told three times that I had miscarried after bleeding all the way to 20 weeks, then having to spend the rest of my pregnancy in bed to avoid raising my heart rate as I had a missing artery in the umbilical cord.  A condition known as two vessel cord syndrome.  Her birth was the most amazing experience in my life, yet it was also quite traumatic.  I had spent a lot of my pregnancy denying myself the feeling of getting attached to my baby, just in case I ended up not carrying through.

And now she's all grown up!  Right now, as I write, I have tears of joy and tears of sadness flowing.  The joy I feel is because Zoe is ready for school and she's so excited.  I'm happy for her to be reaching this milestone and excelling in everything she does.  Tears of sadness because I feel I'm losing my baby who has grown up so quickly.

It can be tough for mums dealing with letting go of their little ones before they start school, my emotional break downs have surprised me as I really didin't expect myself to be this way.  When I need advice in this situation, I always turn to our parenting coach, Anne Hubbard, so here are some tips from her:

  1. Give yourself time to feel, it is natural to have lots of varying emotions
  2. Talk to your partner, close and supportive friends about your experience
  3. Honour the experience with a celebration, honour your beautiful child
  4. On the first day of school, after drop off, go out and have a cuppa, savour the moment
  5. Connect with others mothers at the school
  6. Acknowledge what an awesome job you have done to raise a beautiful child that is going out into the wider community to express themselves.

​You can also view a full article from Anne along with these tips on her blog.

All the best to all the gorgeous preppies.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle