5 Ways to Make Kids Laugh More


Laughter is the best medicine and the best disease preventer because the more you laugh, the happier you are and so are all your little cells in your body.  I love seeing my kids belly laugh, it's so cute and inviting, it just makes me want to laugh my heart out too.  

Little ways to make kids laugh more:

  1. Get on the floor and laugh with them, not only is this fun but it really gets them going 
  2. Tickle attack - tickle their little feet, neck or hands and let them tickle you back
  3. Pull funny faces together, make sure yours is the silliest ha ha
  4. Play a little game imitating animals and doing animal sounds; elephant kids are the funniest
  5. Put on some music and see who can dance the silliest

What are some of your favouriet ways to make kids laugh?  

Be creative, be fun, be a laughing mum.

Your healthy friend,

Amanda Steidle