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The Healthy Mums affiliate program:

Our affiliate program is suitable for those that believe in the Healthy Mums program and would like to recommend it to others and receive a commission on any sales made.  Ideal affiliates are personal trainers, bloggers, community groups, medical specialists, related product businesses etc.


  • A means to provide an electronic link so that those who click through can be tracked accordingly.  This can be on your website, newsletter, Facebook, emails etc.
  • Internet access to be able to track your affiliate progress via our members-area.
  • You will also need a PayPal account to link to your affiliate membership so that commissions will be able to be transferred for you.

10% commission is provided to the affiliate for all moneys paid by the new member that uses the affiliate’s link.  i.e. for the $495 upfront membership $49.50 commission would be paid.  If a new member pays a discount price by using a promo code, then the commission will be 10% of the amount actually paid.

To become an affiliate, you will need to provide the following details, sent via the contact form

First name:

Last name:




Preferred Username (at least 5 characters):

Password (at least 6 characters):

Reason for wanting to become a Healthy Mums affiliate:


Once you send through this information we will then either set you up and provide you with a notification email or contact you with further questions.

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