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Our 30 week online health program teaches and supports mums to get healthy through real food and the right lifestyle choices.

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We understand that as a mum you want to look good, feel great and be a healthy role model for your children.  

We also know that when you have kids it’s hard to find the time and energy to workout and it can be very expensive to buy pre-made meals, supplements and meal replacements.

With this in mind we provide an online program and expert support panel to teach and empower you to get total control over your weight, have more energy in your day and get naturally healthy through eating the right food in the right way and making good lifestyle choices.

Our program introduces gradual change and works extremely well with members experiencing positive changes for them and their families. 


If you want lasting health and the right approach to food and life, then get started today!


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Recent testimonies

“The healthy mums program helped me and my family to have fun again! By losing the weight I have had more energy to play with my little girls at the park and also around the house. It has also helped us by eating the correct food for growing body's like my little girls and it’s an easy program to follow. .
I love it because, it works! Is so easy to make up a yummy dish from the recipes Amanda provides and I am never hungry. I love the help you get day or night from Amanda, you really do get the support you need to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
I recommend it because IT WORKS! With the right people behind you, you can do anything, I know these are the right ones. Coming from having two children and a poor knowledge of food, Amanda has helped me understand that it’s not hard to lose the weight. Thank you Amanda.”

Meagan C

“I loved the Healthy Mums program as besides teaching me about the beauty of eating well, I have learnt a lot about family values and the joy of doing food activities where all the members participate together. I am not a mum yet but Amanda and all the Healthy Mums team have inspired me to want to be one. I greatly recommend the program since it shows you that the being healthy, both physically and mentally, is the best lifestyle choice we all can happily make.”

Steph B



“The healthy mums program helped me and my family to understand eating should be a positive thing. When you don't understand what you are eating, you are simply guessing right from wrong. Healthy Mums explains this and empowers you to eat yourself healthy. I love it because the education of food filters through the whole family. My kids know more about food than I knew at age 32. I recommend it because it changed my whole mindset on eating and health.”

Phil G



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What our new members have to say...

I have always struggled with my weight and since falling pregnant and now a mum of a 5 month old, I am increasingly aware that my son is going to learn his relationship with food at home and it is my responsibility to live a healthy life regardless of shape and size.

I am in Week 3 of Healthy Mums and I look forward to my email each morning - it gives me the tips and motivation to start the day being mindful of the food and activity choices I make. The fridge is stocked with so much fresh ingredients I am excited each night to make something that is nutritious and delicious.

We enjoy our food and I want to continue to do so. I don't feel restricted with Healthy Mums, I feel I am understanding the nutritional benefits of foods more and I don't feel restricted. I am eating well cause I WANT to, not because I feel I have to. I want to be a healthy Mum and with this program I am learning how to be.

mum2one (April 2013 program)

I think this program is fantastic - I'm learning a lot and really enjoying it. For me, it's not about losing a lot of weight. I put on a little from my pregnancy but surprisingly I fell into the normal and healthy weight BMI category. I want to lose 3kgs to get to my ideal weight. This program is teaching me the right foods to eat at the right times and assisting me to prepare a healthy meal plan for my family each week. I especially like the daily interaction which I find much more engaging than buying a book which I might start to read but never finish.

lclark01 (March 2013 program)

The Healthy Mums program emphasises a re-grooming of the mind to think differently about food.

It's not about lists of recipes of healthy meals but a smart proactive approach for the individual to be more consciously creative to think for themselves.

The program simply gives you step by step education to empower a new healthy lifestyle change. Your approach inspires a personal life long change, not the alternate 'handed on a platter' eat this, measure this, eat only this scheme... which evidently does not work for majority of people because they don't actually learn anything!

It takes hard work and the power of a new mindset to make and stick to any lifestyle changes. Your program encourages small daily changes. This makes it realistic and achievable for everyone. There is no such thing as a quick fix or overnight change. I love that the program empowers me to be responsible for this change myself. It feels very rewarding because I'm taking control :)

Thanks for your brilliant program Amanda!

mumma_shez (March program)

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